Predefined Filters

Learn how to set up a predefined filter which can be applied to a search in Apex API, Rest API, or the Direct Processing API. By doing that, you can do a search within a subset of data.
The use of Predefined Filters is only available in our Premium edition.
You can define a predefined filter per object at the DC Setup page, at the "Predefined Filter" tab. 

Adding a new Predefined Filter

You can add a new Predefined Filter by clicking the "Add Filter" button on the top-right of the page. 

Configuring a Predefined Filter

Configure a predefined filter by adding one or multiple fields, together with defining an expression and a value. Each defined field is referred to by a "filter line", which can be used on defining the filter logic. You can add a new filter line by clicking the "+" icon. 

Filter Logic 

In defining a filter logic, you can decide how the filter should be applied. Enter each filter line number, separated by a filter logic operator. For example, (1 AND 2) OR 3 finds records that match both Filter 1 and Filter 2, or Filter 3.

In the below example, we entered 2 filter lines and created a logic that both filter lines should equal the given value: (1 AND 2).

Apply the filter in an API Search


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